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New Details Emerge Around The Next Next Avengers Film

by Nick Beard January 8, 2018 Avengers: Infinity War is still four months away but details have already started to emerge around the next Avengers film, courtesy of the lead key grip of all the previous comic book films, who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s going to be amazing, man,” our source said, while surreptitiously attempting to contain an erection. […]

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Baby Driver Fidget Review

Like a botched bank robbery, I’m not sure what the hell went wrong here. Baby Driver has all the makings of a good piece of crime drama under the hood but ultimately fails to deliver a coherent, or even capable, movie. Edgar Wright has vision, I’ll give him that. The movie is full of vibrant colors and an excellent soundtrack, […]

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Best Movies of 2017!

Narrowing down the best movies of the year didn’t pose much of a challenge. I didn’t grow up on comic books and seeing as Hollywood is still in the middle of an intense love affair with the genre, it’s largely kept me out of the theaters for the past decade or so. My main problem with comic book movies stems […]

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Best Games of 2017!

2017 boasted an exciting (and overwhelming) amount of quality video games. So much so that my backlog is a constant source of mirth to my friends and family. But through the legion of titles, some bubbled to the top. Here’s my top 3 video games of 2017: #1 – Divinity Original Sin 2 (PC) Kickstarter darling and heir to the […]

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Best Books of 2017!

2017 was full of great books and entertainment. Here’s my top 3 books of 2017, which I highly recommend if you haven’t had the pleasure of checking them out yet. #1 – Ill Will by Dan Chaon. This is not only Dan’s best novel to date, it’s his most layered and complex and reads like an ominous wall of storm […]

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The Last Jedi Fidget Review (2nd Viewing)

With my head canon and expectations effectively out of the way, I approached my second viewing of The Last Jedi in a different fashion than the first. I settled into my comfortable leather theater seat with more of an open, positive mindset and reminded myself to enjoy the ride, even though it does not line up with the way I […]

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The Last Jedi Fidget Review (1st Viewing)

The Last Jedi is a special beast — as special as the nipply sea beast that willingly supplies Luke with that magical green coffee he enjoys so much (see: his facial expression after he drinks it). It’s different, it’s surprising and it’s kind of repulsive all at once. The new space adventure takes place soon after the events of The […]

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Hershey’s Gold Fidget Review

Oh, my — Hershey’s released this gorgeous bar worldwide yesterday, December 1st, 2017, and I was able to track them down this morning (Target for anyone who is wondering). Anything caramelized is automatically on my radar. I don’t care if you draw out and brown the sugar in apples, onions, potatoes or, well… sugar, as is the case here. The […]

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Ill Will by Dan Chaon Fidget Review

Satanic rituals (alleged), a kid who fancies himself a psychic vampire named Amy, some light incest, and a mysterious mass murder await you within the pages of this masterfully layered and executed novel of perception, deception and the soul-rending anguish only the young and lost can experience. In short, HBO needs to get in touch with Dan Chaon right away […]


What the Hell Did I Just Read Fidget Review

What The Hell Did I Just Read is the third book in the series beginning with the equally trippy cosmic horror novel John Dies at the End, which I lovingly refer to as the Soy Sauce series. It follows the adventures of John, David and Amy in a town full of happenings straight out of your nightmares. This time, a […]