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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Fidget Review

They just don’t make RPGs like Kingdom Come: Deliverance anymore. Warhorse Studios, however, decided to go all-in and create one of the deepest medieval roleplaying games in recent memory. In fact, the only game that comes to mind that rivals the level of depth and realism found here would probably be Bethesda’s (now ancient and outdated) Daggerfall.  Fair warning right up front: […]

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Best Games of 2017!

2017 boasted an exciting (and overwhelming) amount of quality video games. So much so that my backlog is a constant source of mirth to my friends and family. But through the legion of titles, some bubbled to the top. Here’s my top 3 video games of 2017: #1 – Divinity Original Sin 2 (PC) Kickstarter darling and heir to the […]