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The Gunslinger: The Dark Tower I (Novel) Fidget Review

The Gunslinger is the first book of The Dark Tower series, a seven-book cycle penned by Stephen King. And it’s been around for a very long time. I, however, finally just got around to finishing it and like another piece of entertainment I wrote a review on this week, it’s making me wonder what the hell took me so long […]

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Best Books of 2017!

2017 was full of great books and entertainment. Here’s my top 3 books of 2017, which I highly recommend if you haven’t had the pleasure of checking them out yet. #1 – Ill Will by Dan Chaon. This is not only Dan’s best novel to date, it’s his most layered and complex and reads like an ominous wall of storm […]

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Ill Will by Dan Chaon Fidget Review

Satanic rituals (alleged), a kid who fancies himself a psychic vampire named Amy, some light incest, and a mysterious mass murder await you within the pages of this masterfully layered and executed novel of perception, deception and the soul-rending anguish only the young and lost can experience. In short, HBO needs to get in touch with Dan Chaon right away […]


What the Hell Did I Just Read Fidget Review

What The Hell Did I Just Read is the third book in the series beginning with the equally trippy cosmic horror novel John Dies at the End, which I lovingly refer to as the Soy Sauce series. It follows the adventures of John, David and Amy in a town full of happenings straight out of your nightmares. This time, a […]