They just don’t make RPGs like Kingdom Come: Deliverance anymore. Warhorse Studios, however, decided to go all-in and create one of the deepest medieval roleplaying games in recent memory. In fact, the only game that comes to mind that rivals the level of depth and realism found here would probably be Bethesda’s (now ancient and outdated) Daggerfall. 

Fair warning right up front: this game is not going to appeal to gamers with feeble attention spans. You’ll need plenty of patience and time for this one to reveal its secrets — and KC:D delivers some of the most satisfying gameplay, especially in the form of swordplay, you’re like to find on today’s market if you give it the time it deserves.

The standout here is that you play as a commoner. You’re not a hero, not destined to save the world and not someone secretly infused with a supernatural power that sets you apart from everyone else in the game world. No, you are the son of a blacksmith who only wants to hang out with his friends and court his woman. Until your village is attacked by a mysterious army and you escape as the sole survivor.

The rest is up to you. The map is open for you to carve out a life in 1400 Bohemia as you see fit. Fancy getting lost in the woods to hunt? You can do that — and you won’t see a finer forest in a video game if you do. Would you rather hunt down bandits and bathe in their blood? You can do that too. And your clothes and armor will in fact get stained with blood and dirt on your travels. People will react accordingly to your appearance and you must maintain your cleanliness if you wish to be taken seriously by serious folk. And that’s to say nothing of food poisoning, broken bones, bleeding to death, the need to eat and sleep regularly, the effects of alcohol, the need to repair and shine your weapons and the many other unforgiving systems the game has to offer.

The Good:

  • Solid narrative to play through and enjoy. Very good writing.
  • A dizzying amount of activities to partake in.
  • Henry is a great, refreshing protagonist.
  • The deepest, most enjoyable sword combat this side of For Honor.
  • The forests are truly something to behold.

The Bad:

  • The first 10 – 12 hours or so are extremely unforgiving and frustrating and may turn some off.
  • The game’s systems can be quite difficult (looking at you lockpicking and pickpocketing).
  • Your glitches may vary but expect graphical pop-in and minor annoyances throughout.
  • You cannot save at will (this is being changed by the developer soon).

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is special in the world of RPGs. Graphical glitches and difficulty aside, this is one of the greatest games you will play in the genre for some time. It takes patience and a willingness to learn its many systems but once you do, you will find yourself immersed in a living medieval world unlike any other. Don’t believe the naysayers on this one. Check it out for yourself and make up your own mind. I’m glad I did.


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