To say Mindhunter is a killer show is not only punny — it’s also very true. Created by Joe Penhall and produced by the likes of Charlize Theron and David Fincher, the first season centers around the work of two FBI agents in the early days of criminal psychology (the term “serial killer” hasn’t even been coined yet).

The dynamic between Holden Ford and Bill Tench drives most of the first season in exciting, tense ways. The two start their days as traveling educators to local law enforcement around the country but soon find that they have a bit of a knack for interrogating and studying the dark, cavernous minds of some of the most brutal “sequence” killers of their time, including Richard Speck and Edmund Kemper. This leads the two intrepid detectives down a dark path wherein they do not always agree on each other’s methods. Holden is willing to do whatever it takes to push the boundaries of the relationship between cop and criminal, interviewer and interviewee, prisoner and friend. Whereas Tench is a bit more old school and by the book. And with the help of an intelligent psychologist and professor, the two agents start their own X-Files-like unit tucked away in the sub-basement of the FBI headquarters. As the team in that basement grows, so too does the tension. It’s compelling stuff for sure.

The Good:

  • Awesome imagery, ambience and tension throughout.
  • The finale.
  • Holden’s arc is very well written and acted.
  • Absolutely chilling in parts.

The Bad:

  • The wait for season 2.
  • Is season 2 out yet?

If you find yourself fascinated by the dark capacities of the human mind and love a good crime drama, there’s no better show to binge than this one. It’s available on Netflix now.


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