by Chauncey Bigbottoms III

January 9, 2018


President Trump continues his bid for world domination by releasing “Finger on the Button”, the first single on his surprise debut album Drain the Swamp.

Trump, who dubs himself T-Rump in the liner notes of the new record, says he recorded the album over the last two years in secret and the record acts as a sort of concept album, chronicling his journey to the White House and beyond.

“Finger on the Button” features scathing lyrics aimed squarely at North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-Un. In one verse, T-Rump intones, “Golden hair y’all/with skills like Steph Curry/You betta’ bring your A-game, Kim/cuz I could kill ya in a hurry!”

The caustic, heart-pumping track features a dark piano line over a frenetic double-bass drum beat more in tune with a heavy metal song. T-Rump clearly has an eclectic array of musical influences.

Trump hopes to launch a world-wide tour to support Drain the Swamp when it officially releases on September 11, 2018.

The full tracklist is as follows:

  1. Putin in My Sleep
  2. Drain the Swamp
  3. Finger on the Button
  4. Grab ’em by the *****
  5. From Russia with Love
  6. Urine My World Now, Baby
  7. Build A Wall Between Us
  8. Alternative Facts of My Life
  9. Let’s Paint The White House Red (Like My Face)
  10. Golden Toilet
  11. Make America Even Greater Again in 2020

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