2017 was full of great books and entertainment. Here’s my top 3 books of 2017, which I highly recommend if you haven’t had the pleasure of checking them out yet.

#1Ill Will by Dan Chaon.

This is not only Dan’s best novel to date, it’s his most layered and complex and reads like an ominous wall of storm clouds on the distant horizon, all creeping dread and spine tingles. Told from multiple perspectives, the narrative unfolds in an organic way that will have you turning pages well past your bedtime. Filled with deceit, mystery and themes of family and the darkness of the past coloring our future, this is one hell of a bleak journey through the bowels of one of the most tragic families you will ever read about. Don’t expect a clear ending. This novel respects the reader’s intelligence and does not go out of its way to spell everything out by the time you finish. It left me with chills and the desire to immediately read it again with my newfound perspective. Haunting in the most exciting way possible.

#2 – Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

Yet another novel that will have you immediately re-reading. In the beginning it reads a bit too much like Girl on the Train but quickly blossoms into its own identity. I won’t say much about this book for fear of spoiling it but in our post-Shyamalan world of constant twists and turns becoming the norm in fiction, this work deserves recognition for having one of the better surprises in recent years. Read this right now. Seriously. You won’t be able to put it down once it hooks you.

#3Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle

Yeah, I know, this wasn’t released in 2017 but I’m putting on my list anyway since I discovered it only recently.

The exploration of loneliness, violence to oneself and others, and entertainment is expertly executed in these pages, and the last few pages of the novel may just be the most heartbreaking, beautiful stream of prose I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

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