Oh, my — Hershey’s released this gorgeous bar worldwide yesterday, December 1st, 2017, and I was able to track them down this morning (Target for anyone who is wondering).

Anything caramelized is automatically on my radar. I don’t care if you draw out and brown the sugar in apples, onions, potatoes or, well… sugar, as is the case here. The base of the bar is made with the creme of Oreos (or so I’ve read elsewhere) and then it is caramelized and sprinkled with peanut and pretzel pieces.

Hershey’s, you had me at caramelized creme. And pretzels.

The sweet deets:

  • Huge peanut butter notes on the nose, which is very pleasing.
  • Very creamy and sweet, almost like a mid-level dessert sauce. Loved the mouthfeel. Notes of sweet cream, brown butter and peanut butter.
  • Exciting bursts of salty goodness pop in and out of the eating experience.
  • Not cloyingly or offensively sweet but one bar was enough, even though I wanted more.
  • No chocolate in the bar.

This treat is definitely worth a try if you are the least bit interested. If you enjoy anything tasting remotely of peanut butter or like a bit of salt in your sweet, this is a must buy.

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